Sunday, August 7, 2011

Three quarters of the way there! - Week 6

Early Monday morning the concrete mixing truck showed up at the house.  Last week we had prepped the backyard by digging trenches and laying rebar.  The concrete truck mixes cement and pumps it into the areas of the yard where we are expanding the hardscape.

After the concrete is poured we have to make sure it is level and smooth so that tile installation is seamless.

 Our next step is to build the wall that will separate the hardscape from the plants. 

The next step in the backyard is to tile-in the patio.  We selected a porcelain tile that has a lot of color variation.  Not only does it give the yard character, but it makes it feel more like an outdoor living space.

This week we installed the countertops that were being fabricated the week prior in our shop.  Before the counters go in, we must lay down plywood subcounter on all the vanities for extra support.

After the plywood goes down, the undermount sinks are installed.  In the master, Crema Marfil is used on the counters.  This marble looks elegant and offers just enough veining and color variation.  The rectangular sinks and squared off faucets compliment the more contemporary tile we used in in the rest of the master. Below, you can see the finished product in the master bath!

...and the kids bath

...and the laundry room
In addition to working on the yard and installing the countertops, almost the entire inside of the house was painted this week.  It took two full days of prepping the walls and windows before anyone could start spraying the crown and base mouldings.

masking off the kitchen windows to prepare for painting

masking off  all light fixtures and loft railings to prepare for paint
After the the mouldings are sprayed, we were able to begin rolling the walls.  Sticking to the neutral palette, we used variations of grey throughout the house.  The colors are subtle but the white mouldings really help make the paint stand out.

Kids Rooms upstairs

Kitchen and the rest of the house
Last but definitley not least is the kitchen!!!  The coutertops were installed and we have almost finished tiling the backsplash.  Appliances were brought in and it's finally beginning to look like a place you can cook in!

Appliances are in! 
Carrara marble 2cm laminated eased edge

3X6 (subway) porcelain tile backsplash

We have two weeks to go before we meet our 8 week deadline!  Please check back next Sunday to see the "almost finished" product!

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  1. Wow you are almost there guys, I love the counter tops and the railing and the patio everything looking good so far!! Can't wait to see it done.